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Wedding Planning Guide

Every step of the way, from engagement to rice throwing (or birdseed if you prefer), we provide you and your families with the reassurance of knowing your special day is in the very best of hands.

ONE YEAR PRIOR: Time is a luxury. If you know about your wedding one year in advance, we can help you brainstorm about themes, locations, special features and concepts that will give you options for how your special day will unfold.  By perusing our event galleries, perusing our design library and sitting down with our expert design team, you can catch a glimpse of the concept we practice that ‘the sky is the limit’ when it comes to designing a wedding that is a personal reflection of you.

SIX MONTHS PRIOR: At this stage of the wedding planning process, it’s our job to make sure you have your location, theme, level of formality/informality as well as special features all in place. Most brides and grooms we work with at this point have an idea of the look and feel they are going for. But if they don’t, not to worry: that’s where we come in. Our design team is specialized to help you define exactly the look and feel of your special day – all in the boundaries of pricing, style, and detail that work for you.

THREE MONTHS PRIOR: The 90-day mark is when we start to drill down the details, ensuring that whatever priorities and expectations you and your family may have are all in place when the actual day arrives. At this stage we prompt you to make sure details like attire, special family needs/concerns and ceremonial elements are all clear. There is still time at this point to make changes, and at this milestone we will make sure everything that is in play is exactly what you want.

WEEK OF: One week before your special celebration is when things kick into high gear. At this stage we check the forecast/weather, develop any last-minute back-up plans, if needed, review details from our original design to ensure every ‘i’ is dotted, every ‘t’ is crossed.  Most importantly, we do all of this behind the scenes without you even knowing it’s happening.

THE BIG DAY: By the time your special day arrives, the stage has been set, and it is your time to enjoy! Nothing will prevent us from making sure exactly what you envisioned – and more – will unfold for you and your loved ones. We make it all happen, which leaves you to focus on what really matters: making memories that will last a lifetime.

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